We provide a complete range of diagnostic MRI procedures.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) utilizes a strong magnetic field and its interaction with radio waves in order to acquire images in virtually any area of anatomy of the body. Because MRI scanning does not utilize ionizing radiation, it is considered to be a relatively safe technique, which can even be utilized during pregnancy. The energy (or frequency) of the radio waves used is comparable to the signals that bounce around us each day from radio stations.

Riverwoods Imaging uses the GE Twin Speed magnet which has a short bore, significantly reducing anxiety in claustrophobic patients. The Riverwoods system utilizes very high speed gradients increasing resolution and decreasing scan time, along with the the latest computer technology allowing for cardiac and functional imaging.

The Riverwoods MRI system uses new, quiet gradient technology that allows the patient to enjoy music from our propietary sound system. Combined with an open and light filled room, this makes the Riverwoods MRI system one of the most comfortable and patient friendly around.

Cardiovascular imaging, which is very difficult on current scanners, becomes exquisite with this new technology. Perfusion and functional imaging with ejection fractions, valvular stenosis and regurgitant fractions, myocardial wall thickness and segmental wall motility can all be examined with the Riverwoods MRI scanner.

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